Year’s Eve: Ιnstallation Art from Kez and Same84


A painting installation by Kez and Same84, produced by Urbanact and inspired by the industrial character of the city, opens a unique dialogue with the coastal front of Elevsina.

The 2023 ELEVSIS European Capital of Culture presents a painting installation that aspires to show the special industrial character of Elevsis, as it spreads along the coastal front of the city. The work of art by street artists Kez and Same84 is entitled “Year’s Eve” and will be hosted from 8 to 25 February on the coastal front, at the location “Anapsiktirio“, reminding us the character of the city as a great artist place or as a vast and ever-revealing theater stage.

Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos
Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos

The Art Work

The installation, located in “Platforma” square, on the coastal front, tries to examine a structural element of Elevsina that concerns the presence of the factory in the city. The work attempts to highlight the dipole of the city-factory relationship, but also how this dipole is expressed through the eyes of the two participating artists.

The artists Kez and Same84, known to the general public mainly for their large murals -which are located in different parts of Greece- were selected based on the different approach and technique in their works, creating an additional dialogue with the space. Kez has a wide color palette and an abstract technique, referring to the futuristic landscape of the factory. Same84 focuses mainly on the palette of black, white and gray, capturing teen characters integrated with factory elements, referring to the current new generation that coexists with the specific space and history of the city.

The implementation of the painting part of the work was done live and the public was able to “communicate” freely with the artists in a living function of the work. Conceptually, both the creators and the public are able to “see” the installation through the factory background.

Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos

Biography of artists


Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos

Kez was born in Athens in 1983. He has been involved in graffiti since 1997. For the past 12 years his interest has focused on murals, street art and contemporary art. He has participated in many events related to the art of graffiti, street art and the creation of public murals in large areas in Greece and abroad. His murals are characteristic due to the expressive writing and the technique reminiscent of wood engraving. Lately he has been creating sculptures, embossed works and installations. The color he uses permanently in his works is blue.


Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos

Same84 was born in 1984 in Athens. At the tender age of 12 he started experimenting with graffiti art in the streets of Athens, a passion that throughout the years developed into full time activity. Same84 is quite prolific in his art and accomplished in different forms including painting, street art, illustration and graphic design. He is at his best however when working in large scale; His murals and public art projects, both local and international, bear testimony to that. The interplay between colour and shape is what mostly characterises Same84’s recognizable style. The artist employs a bold and ultra colorful palette and is masterful at creating painterly renditions of graphic elements, resulting in a hybrid form between figurative and abstract graffiti.

A few word for Urbanact

Urbanact (members and partners) has an active presence in Greece since 1998. Its objectives are to promote the art of public murals, graffiti – street art, cycling culture, etc. with actions carried out mainly in public space. Public murals reflect the ideas and energy of artists for expression and creation and the need for appropriation of public space.

UrbanAct actions focus on:

In the design, organization and implementation of public murals, special mural programs (“Painting School Buildings, Color in the Islands, Color in Hospitals, etc.) in Greece and abroad. In promoting the voluntary and active participation of citizens. In the organization of events and festivals (CityCall fest). In the creation of art exhibitions and publications (photo albums MuralArt, MuralMasters, BikeArt, The Wooden Bicycles etc.)

To achieve its goals, UrbanAct collaborates with renowned graffiti and street art artists, graphic designers, architects, visual artists, etc. with public and private bodies, institutions, associations, citizens’ movements, companies, etc. from Greece and abroad.
We create for more beautiful cities, with free spaces of expression and creation, with free people against the uniformity and aesthetics of the “gray”.

Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos


Location: Elevsina Coastal Front
Installation’s Presentation: 8.2.2021
Duration: until 25.2.2021

A production of 2023 ELEVSIS European Capital of Culture.

The creation of the installation is carried out in compliance with the necessary protocols for the protection of public health and to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos
Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos