The Night of Slowness


For the first time, Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture hosts the fifth edition of the Night of Ideas organised by the French Institute of Greece. The Νight of Slowness will take place on May 18 in Athens and on May 19 in Eleusis. (

The Night of Slowness is an opportunity to slow down and focus on us and our environment in a rapidly changing world. The myth of Persephone and the cycle of the seasons becomes a relaxation guide reminding us to set our spirit free and reconnect with our senses.

Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture welcomes the public at a site out of the ordinary, the hill of Saint-Nicholas, that hovers between the ancient past and the industrial present, overlooking the port of Eleusis. At nightfall, the atmospheric landscape will

introduce us to the art of slowness through conversations, choreographic interventions and concerts.

Among others, Jean-Jacques Lemêtre, a collaborator of Ariane Mnouchkine’s Theatre of the Sun, will hold a lecture on the theme of time on May 19th in Eleusis.

Come experience time.

  • May 18 at the French Institute of Greece, 31 Sina Street, Athens, from 6 p.m.
  • May 19 at the entrance of the park on Αgios Nikοlaos hill, Eleusis (, from 7 p.m. until midnight

In order to facilitate the audience’s transport, Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture organises bus transport from ‘Agia Marina’ metro station, after those interested in taking part book their seat by sending an email at or calling at 210 553 7206 (10:00-17:00). The bus will depart from ‘Agia Marina’ to Eleusis at 6.15 pm and will return after the event ends around midnight (the Metro operates until 2 a.m.). The participants will receive confirmation a few days before the event.


Two conversations moderated by Spyros Tegos from 7 to 9 pm:

Jean Jacques Lemêtre in dialogue with Yannis Prelorentzos:

Jean Jacques Lemêtre will talk about the time and the rhythm in theater and music. Through  the rhythmic character, pauses and breaths, highlights the spiritual and metaphysical implications of music. Yannis Prelorentzos introduces us to the philosophical discussion about time through the analyzes of Spinoza, Bergson, Vl. Jankelevitch and Bachelard for the duration, the time, the eternity, the moment, the moment, the event, the time (appropriate opportunity) and the rhythms of the duration.

Barbara Glowczewski in dialogue with Kalliopi Papageli:

Barbara Glowczewski explores the relationship of the sacred places of worship of the native Warlpiri of Australia to space-time through her many years of research and the film Lajamanu. Glowczewski introduces us to the concept of the dream that responds to many native tribes in Australia. The dream remains a multidimensional experience that connects people with totems, myths, places and rituals. Kalliopi Papageli connects the archaeological site of Eleusis with the worship of Demeter and daughter of Persephone, in whose name the Eleusinian Mysteries were formed, shaping our perception of time. The time of nature is cyclical (birth – death – regeneration), thus defining the whole cosmic order.

Projection of the short film Anticipation by Éric Stephany’s from 9am to 9.30pm

Anticipation describes the journey of the artist Éric Stephany to the Indian observatories  built at the beginning of the 18th century. Stephany shows particular enthusiasm for astronomical instruments, a medieval mixture of Arabic and Hindu beliefs and myths transformed into sculptures. He has been inspired by the ancient stone balancing game we encounter in various cultures around the world. The balance of the stones functions as a meditation exercise, full of calm and mysticism. The screening of the film will become the presence of the artist.


Direction: Éric Stephany

Duration: 24′ 58″

Language: Without dialogue

With the support of Centre National des Arts Plastiques, artist research grant 2015

Concert by Abaji – Georgia Karydi  from 10 to 11 pm

A concert result of the unique artist residency at the French Institute of Greece, Résidence 111 ans, celebrating the 111th anniversary of its foundation. A musician, a multi-organist in Paris, and a performer who composes and improvises electroacoustic music in Athens. What will happen when they meet in Elefsina? The artists exchange and imagine the meeting between their voices and sounds, leaving the final result to be fermented with the city and experience.

Performance / Dance START («Rei» Start) by Markella Manoliadis from 11 to 11.30pm

Who are the people who occupy the space as visitors? How to create new ways of storytelling? Marcella Manoliadis created a list of the elements that define the visitor’s course and choreography, meaning the relation of the body to the space that crosses: rhythm, class, perspective, spectators, mode of execution, sound landscape. Six dancers incorporate visitors into choreography in the context of this experience. The space is transformed and the public becomes the subject of the work in which it moves.

Choreography et Performance: Markella Manoliadi

In collaboration with the dancers: Aris Papadopoulos, Yianni Tsigri, Stelios Tsatsos, Maro Stavrinou, Mickael Doulan

Participant : Konstantinos Avarikiotis

Music : Dimosthène Grivas

Consultant: Tasos Koukoutas


Free admission

The event will be held in Greek and French.

Organisers: French Institute of Greece, Swiss Embassy to Greece, ​​and Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture

In partnership with the Fluxum Foundation and FLUX Laboratory

Visual Identity: Typical Organization

Sponsor: Lafazanis Winery