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Mystery 2

‘Words of the clock’/ First Edition

‘Persephone’ by Yiannis Ritsos recited by Kariofillia Karampeti, conception-idea by Michail Marmarinos

Friday, October 30, 2020/17.07 PM- Archaeological site of Eleusis

Live Streaming: eleusis 2021 facebook & eleusis 2021 Youtube Channel  

‘Persephone’ by Yiannis Ritsos relives through an original sound performance in the imposing Archaelogical Site of Eleusis, featuring Kariofillia Karampeti in an artistic concept by Michail Marmarinos.

          The performance will be live broadcasted on the official YouTube channel of Eleusis European Capital of Culture and on Facebook.

Stay tuned at 17.07 sharp!

Eleusis European Capital of Culture colours the Clock, the monumental landmark of Eleusis that looms above the hill of the Archaeological Site, through a series of performances and interpretations of the most important texts of the Greek Literature by distinguished artists. The action known as ‘Words of the Clock” titled Mystery 2 hosts in its first edition Kariofillia Karampeti who is reciting ‘Persephone’ by Yiannis Ritsos, on Friday, October 30 at 17.07. The Performance will be live broadcasted on the official YouTube channel of Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture and on Facebook.

            ‘Persephone’ (1965) by Yiannis Ritsos, part of his poetic collection ‘Fourth Dimension’, is for the first time presented at the Archaeological Site of Eleusis, gaining thus major importance as the leading actress will be reciting in her unique voice and way of interpretation  right over the Persephone’s cave on the hill of the archaeological remains. At the same time, the Clock of the city, built in 1924, will function again and be located right a few meters away. The Clock is a landmark for Eleusis as it links two separate periods of its local history, antiquity on the one hand and its industrialization on the other.

            This specific action titled ‘Mystery 2’, marks the beginning of a series of actions titled ‘Ordinary Mysteries’. ‘Ordinary Mysteries’ are artistic events viewed as ‘small celebrations’ in the everyday life of Eleusis. Residents, visitors and passers-by have the chance to live new cultural experiences, taking place in the city’s public spaces and converting Eleusis into a stage. All actions will take place keeping a safe distance due to coronavirus state of emergency.

Sound fitting: Konstantinos Mpokos

Production organization and execution: Too Far East Productions

Film production: Alaska Films

Costume design: Giorgos Eleftheriadis

Production: European Capital of Culture

Special thanks to Dio Kangelari about the idea of the text of Yiannis Ritsos ‘Persephone’,

Eri Ritsou, daughter of the poet, for her willing and kind gesture to give us the text,

and Rena Andreadaki for her constant support for all technical issues that we had to deal with during the implementation of the project!

General information:

Date & Time: Friday, October 30, 2020, 17.07

Location/Place: Archaeologiacl Site of Eleusis, Nikolaidou Pedestrian Walkway

Live Streaming: eleusis 2021 facebook & eleusis 2021 Youtube Channel  

Short resume:

            Kariofillia Karampeti graduated from the Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. She has cooperated with great Greek and foreign directors like: Minos Volanakis, Andreas Voutsinas, Dimitris Karatzas, Nikaiti Kontouri, Dimitris Lignadis, Yuri Lyubimov, Magia Lymperopoulou, Michael Marmarinos, Dimitris Mavrikios, Giorgos Michailidis, Themis Moumoulidis, Aris Mpiniaris, Jules Dassin, Roula Pateraki, Eleni Skoti, Yiannis Skourletis, Peter Stein, Stamatis Fasoulis, Yiannis Houvardas etc. She has featured in ‘Oresteia’ and ‘Perses’ by Aeschylus, ‘Antigone’, ‘Elektra’, ‘Oedipus Tyrannus’, ‘Oedipus at  Colonus’ by Sophocles, ‘Mideia’, ‘Eleni’, ‘Electra’, ‘Orestis’, ‘Iphigeneia in Aulis’, ‘Herakles Mainomenos’, ‘Troades’, ‘Vakhes’, by Euripides, ‘Nefeles’ by Aristophanes, ‘The Tempest’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘The taming of the shrew’, ‘Richard III’ by Shakespeare, ‘The Three Sisters’, ‘Τhe Seagull’ by Chekhov,  ‘Lulu’ by Wedekind, ‘Heroes Square’ by Bernhard, ‘Mourning Becomes Electra’, by O’Neill, ‘Miss Julie’, ‘There are crimes and crimes’ by Strindberg, ‘The Threepenny Opera’ by Brecht, ‘La Chunga’ by Llosa, ‘Stroheim’,  ‘Culture – A cosmic Tragedy’ by Dimitris Dimitriadis,  ‘Ramona Travel’, by Glykeria Mpasdeki, ‘Phaedra’ by Yiannis Ritsos, ‘Moonlight Sonata’ etc. She has played the main role in films, such as:  ‘Man of God’, ‘Eftihia’, ‘The Bachelor’, ‘Black out’, ‘Eleftheri Katadisi’, ‘Ο Melissokomos’ etc. She has also participated in TV series, like : ‘I Zoi En Tafo’, ‘Dekati Entoli’, ‘I Teleftea Parastasi’, ‘Astheneis kai Odoiporoi’, ‘O Megalos Thymos’, ‘I Agapi argise mia mera’, ‘Vammena Kokkina Mallia’, ‘O Kitrinos Fakelos’ etc.

            Konstantinos Mpokos is a sound engineer and the founder of the Studio 19 st group. He is specialized in sound mixing with music and visual materials as well as in recording, designing, processing and the production of sound, music and visual materials used in performances, CDs, cinema, multimedia and plastic facilities. He collaborates with composers, musicians, directors, choreographers, visual artists, and uses technology of any kind that can contribute to the creative process.

            He has produced sound, music, visual performances for many theatres and dance groups, like: National Theatre, National Theatre of Northern Greece, Stoa Theatre, Greek Art Theatre, Theater of Odou Kykladon, Theseum Ensemble, Embros Theater, Sfendoni Theatre, Omada Edafous, Oktana Dancetheatre, Landscape Dance Company, X-It dance group, Analysis Dance Company etc.