Photo Credit: Angelos Christofilopoulos FosPhotos

Online tour of the Installation Art “Year’s Eve” by street artists Kez and Same84


A unique video recorded the whole process of creating the painting installation “Year’s Eve” by street artists Kez and Same84, which was hosted from February 8 to 25, in “Platforma” square, on the Coastal Front of Elefsina. The work highlights the dipole of the city-factory relationship, but also how it is captured through the perspective of the two recognized artists.

Production supervision & execution: Urbanact

The artists

The artists Kez and Same84, known to the general public mainly for their large murals -which are located in different parts of Greece- were selected based on the different approach and technique in their works, creating an additional dialogue with the space. Kez has a wide color palette and an abstract technique, referring to the futuristic landscape of the factory. Same84 focuses mainly on the palette of black, white and gray, capturing teen characters integrated with factory elements, referring to the current new generation that coexists with the specific space and history of the city.

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