Olivier Grossetête invites you to share your experience!


From Colombia and America to New Zealand, Australia and China, but also Morocco and most European countries, the internationally renowned French artist Olivier Grossette came to Greece and particularly to Eleusis in order to create a replica of the “Kronos”, a building- emblem of the city within the frame of the artistic programme of Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture.

If you were there too,now is the time to share your experience with the artist himself!

Use your own Social Media to share photos and videos from the construction of the “Kronos” building, using the hashtags #MyKronos and #MyEleusis2021 and relive your experience!

Watch the video of the artist’s retrospective for 2019, with the iconic “Kronos” building making a lasting impression:

Olivier Grosettte has conquered the world of contemporary art and architecture worldwide by presenting the  innovative “Participatory Monuments Construction” project. These are cardboard constructions, in real dimensions, monuments – symbols of each city, using only human energy. These original artworks can only be completed with the participation of the residents of each area, who are invited to build utopian constructions that are temporary and without any practical value and thus becoming part of an artistic experience in which everyone finds their own role through participation.

Having traveled the five continents presenting his artworks, the subversive artist came to Greece for the first time and particularly to the city of Eleusis in November 2019  in order to co-create with the residents of the city the emblematic building of “Kronos ”within the frame of the artistic programme of Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture. Eleusinians and friends of the city, the young and the old alike, participated in the preparation workshops but also in the all-day construction of the “Kronos” living their own personal experience.

For five days, the artist and his team collaborated with associations, schools and local groups of residents, preparing more than 1,000 cardboard boxes. Workshop participants, organizers, residents and friends of the city met on Sunday, November 10, 2019, in the central square of Eleusis, and rebuilt an impressive 14-meter-tall replica of the “Kronos” building. 

Share your experience with the artist himself!

At the moment, due to the huge impact and restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Grossetête may not be able to build other ephemeral monuments, but that is not stopping him from being creative. His goal is to create a participatory album of texts and images by the participants themselves, expressing their own personal experience, feelings and thoughts from the co-creation of the project. The album is about the artist’s 10 years of activity around the globe, and the thousands of participants in his ephemeral monuments. 

If you participated in the construction of the iconic “Kronos” building and wish to share your experience with the artist himself, continuing and strengthening your participatory process, then click HERE to learn about the artist’s open call and take part in it. 

Furthermore, use your own Social Media to share photos and videos from the construction of the “Kronos” building, using the hashtags #MyKronos and #MyEleusis2021 and relive your experience!



Waiting to join hands together, proposal to gather around in a book!

Hello everybody,
Like most of you, we’re forced into lockdown. Our projects initially planned for this year are cancelled or postponed, at best until fall… or even in 2021 (????).
This moment of “forced” break is an opportunity to implement a project that has been in my mind for a long time: 

the creation of a book that would retrace the adventure of these constructions around the world for 10 years.

This book will combine photographs and testimonies in order to tell from the inside what happens inside of us during these realizations.
I invite you to participate in the elaboration of this book by communicating your testimony: impressions, memories, evocations of your experience in contact with these Participative Monumental Constructions.
Starting from a trace whether visual or interior, let your memories emerge to try to see the essential: how this collective experience resonates inside you.

How did you live it? What is left of it?
What did it cause in you, which desires or which changes?
Your contribution may consist of a theoretical reflection, an anecdotal account, an intimate testimony or any other form you feel is appropriate, and may be based on one or more images.
A selection will undoubtedly have to be made among the contributions that we hope will be numerous for this royalty-free publication. We will try to create a diversity of testimonies in terms of countries, years and feelings. We commit ourselves not to truncate any text or to come back to you if we wish to use only a part of it.
To help us in the reception of your texts, please indicate in the subject of your message your name, the place and date of the construction in which you participated.

Then if you feel like it, please send your texts to

 I look forward to them and thank you in advance for your participation.
Looking forward to meeting you in your writing,
Take care of yourself,
In solidarity,
Olivier Grossetête



En attendant d’unir nos mains, proposition de se retrouver dans un livre !

Bonjour à tous,
Comme la plupart d’entre vous, nous sommes contraints au confinement. Nos projets initialement prévus cette année sont annulés ou reportés, au mieux à l’automne… voir en 2021 (???)
Ce moment de pause « forcée » est l’occasion de mettre en oeuvre un projet qui me trotte dans la tête depuis longtemps:

la création d’un livre qui retracerait l’aventure de ces constructions à travers le monde depuis 10 ans.

Ce livre alliera photographies et témoignages dans le but de raconter de l’intérieur ce qui se passe en nous au cours de ces réalisations.
Je vous invite à participer à l’élaboration de ce livre en nous communiquant votre témoignage: impressions, souvenirs, évocations de votre expérience au contact de ces Constructions Monumentales Participatives.

En partant d’une trace qu’elle soit visuelle ou intérieure, laissez émerger vos souvenirs pour tenter d’apercevoir l’essentiel: comment cette expérience collective résonne en vous.
Comment l’avez-vous vécu? Que vous en reste-t-il?
Qu’est-ce que cela a suscité en vous, quelles envies ou quels changements?
Votre contribution peut consister en une réflexion théorique, un récit anecdotique, un témoignage intime ou toute autre forme vous paraissant adéquate, et éventuellement s’appuyer sur une ou plusieurs images.
Une sélection devra sans doute se faire parmi les contributions que nous espérons nombreuses pour cette publication libre de droits. Nous allons tenter de créer une diversité de témoignages en terme de pays, d’années et de ressentis. Nous nous engageons à ne tronquer aucun texte ou à revenir vers vous si nous souhaitons n’en utiliser qu’une partie seulement.
Pour nous aider dans la réception de vos textes, merci de signaler dans l’objet de votre message votre nom, le lieu et la date de la construction à laquelle vous avez participé.

Alors si le cœur vous en dit, envoyez-moi vos textes à

Je les attends avec impatience et vous remercie par avance pour votre participation.

Au plaisir de vous retrouver dans vos écrits,
Prenez soin de vous,
Olivier Grossetête