Neighbourhood food


photo © petros chytiris, Eleusis 2021

Neighbourhood food concept arises as different smells reach a stranger when she or he walks in a neighbourhood, just like Synikismos. We all are fascinated by different recipes, smells, spices that we simply know without wondering where they come from. How did they arrive? Who brought them? Who keeps them alive? Why having food that makes us feel good is so important? Because favourite food brings back unique memories. Because taste has memory.

On Sunday 17/6/2018 at 20:30 we celebrate neighbourhood food within Synikismos Festival with and for people of the neighbourhood without discriminations based on culture, origins and race. Synikismos residents, Eleusis citizens, friends, guests, refugees, visitors are all welcome at Festival’s Info Point, in order to share what we are looking for in Sunday food gatherings.

The cooks are:
• food from Asia Minor: Georgia Giatzoglou-Antoniadi and Evgenia Antonara-Tsolaki
• food from Pontus: Sofia Kosmidi-Pantelidi
• Turkish food: Cidem Demertzi, Gulsem Demertzi, and Vildan Hasanoglou
• Pakistani & Filipino food: Maria Yusuf
• Albanian food: Varvara Bayame Jelo
• Syrian food: Mohamed Al-haj Jomma, Ayman Dwalidi, Sumaya Al Dabbous, Intisar Aldabous, and Lamia Al Hammod

We would like to thank all the cooks for their willing, inspiration and participation, Eleusis Solidarity Centre “Filikí Foliá”, George Pirounakis, Lefteris Mitsou, Julia Rizopoulou and Maria Laskou for helping us with the Syrian food organization, as well as Natalie Ayyad for the Arabic-English translation.