Photo: Pinelopi Gerasimou

Mystery 2 | Clock Tower Voices V2: Anonymous the Greek, Hellenic Nomarchy


The most important political treatise of Greek pre-revolutionary Enlightenment, Hellenic Nomarchy: a Discourse on Freedom, by Anonymous the Greek, a text that announced the Greek Revolution, will be performed live by the great actor Giannis Vogiatzis, under the city Clock in the imposing Archaeological site of Elefsina

The audience can watch the performance from the pedestrian area of Nikolaidou Street, taking a walk, always keeping the necessary distances and wearing masks. Meanwhile, the performance will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of the ECOC, and on Facebook. Tune in at 19:10 sharp!

The ECOC colors the Clock, the monumental landmark of Elefsina that looms above the hill of the Archaeological Site, through a series of original audio performances comprising readings and interpretations of landmark texts of Greek literature by distinguished artists, marking Mystery 2

The action “Clock Tower Voices” hosts, in its second edition, on Sunday, May 23, 2021, at sunset, at 19:10, immediately after the ringing of the church bell, the great actor, Giannis Vogiatzis

“As another burning prophet on top of the hill,” as characteristically described by the director, Viktor Ardittis, Giannis Vogiatzis will interpret excerpts from the revolutionary text of the Hellenic Nomarchy by Anonymous the Greek, one of the texts that announced the Greek Revolution. Vaitsis Charakopidis, founding member of THRAX PUNKS, will be accompanying him on the gaida. 

The performance will be visible from the pedestrian street of Nikolaidou, while at the same time it will be broadcast live via the official channel of the ECoC on YouTube & Facebook

A few words about the text:

Dedicated to Rigas Velestinlis, Hellenic Nomarchy: a Discourse on Freedom is the most important treatise on political thought of the Greek pre-revolutionary Enlightenment, and was published by the unidentified Anonymous the Greek in Italy, in 1806, in a limited number of copies. It was a radical text, a work of national awakening and social criticism against the social structures and conditions of the time, in which certain researchers foresee the manual of the Filiki Eteria (Society of Friends)

The text addresses the “freedom, similarity and unity” of  people, inspired by the ideas of the French Revolution and calling on the Greeks to revolt. For the performance in Elefsina, Viktor Ardittis selected extensive excerpts from Book 1 of the work.  

ORDINARY MYSTERIES | Mystery 2 | “Clock Tower Voices

At a time when the field of culture—and, consequently, the field of cultural events—is heavily affected due to the restrictions posed by the pandemic, actions such as “Clock Tower Voices,” which had already been launched in October 2020 with Kariofillia Karampeti breathing life to Persephone by Yiannis Ritsos directed by Michail Marmarinos, revitalize cultural creation. With two presentations scheduled for 2021, the action now acquires a character of regular periodicity, with the ultimate goal of becoming a permanent reoccurring celebration for the city. The activation of the landmark of the Clock, both symbolically and literally, places the action at the heart of Elefsina, while the pedestrian street next to the archaeological site functions as a place of public meeting for residents and visitors, spectators of the action, restoring proximity to safe conditions. 

Check out the dazzling Kariofillia Karampeti in the 1st edition of the action, here


The actor Giannis Vogiatzis
The musician Vaitsis Charakopidis 
The director Viktor Ardittis

Sound: Costas Bokos – Studio 19
Tele-direction: Leonidas Konstantarakos – Alaska Films
Sound equipment: Marios Kariotis
Production Company: TooFarEast 

Performance Info:
Date and time: Sunday, May 23, 2021, 19:10
Venue: Clock, Archaeological Site of Elefsina
Live Streaming: YouTube & Facebook