How is Europe at Home during the emergency created by Covid-19, through the artistic gaze and the collaboration of a writer and a photographer?


Eleusis European Capital of Culture invites two Eleusinian artists to participate in the international project “Europe at Home” and to present their own Eleusis during the lockdown.

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Eleusis, European Capital of Culture, participates together with 23 European cities in the Europe @ Home project – an initiative of the Municipality of Faro, Portugal, Candidate City for European Capital of Culture 2027 – and presents Eleusis “at home” through the writer’s writing Konstantinos Ch. Loukopoulos and the look of the photographer Haris Karoutsos. The two Eleusinian artists are inspired by both the mandatory lockdown and the city of Eleusis itself.

Eleusis participates in the project with 10 photos by Haris Karoutsos showing the city deserted but peaceful with people present even behind the masks, capturing in one “click” unprecedented experiences and feelings of the “staying at home” time. At the same time, “The ointment of the Eleusinian Mysteries” by Konstantinos Ch.Loukopoulos, narrates how covid-19 emergency affected on time, dream, thought and desire, restoring in the text forms, places and characteristics of Eleusis, from Persephone and the Eleusinian Mysteries Telesterion, to the port, Agios Zacharias and Synikismos.

The Portuguese city’s initiative is an answer to the unprecedented challenge that Europe faces. The houses and the windows took new dimensions and the encounters between neighbors gained special attention; the neighbors next door, but also the neighboring countries. At a time when the unity of the European Union is being challenged by closed borders, the Europe at Home artistic project unites a number of European cities and the local artists participating in it.

The cities that participate in the project are: Bodø (Norway), Chemnitz (Germany), Cluj (Romania), Eleusis (Greece), Esh-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), Faro (Portugal), Jelgava (Latvia), Hildesheim (Germany), Kaunas (Lithuania), Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Maribor (Slovenia), Novi Sad (Servia), Nürnberg (Germany), Oulu (Finland), Pécs (Hungary), Pinan (Slovenia),San Sebastian (Basque Country/Spain), Tartu (Estonia), Valletta (Malta), Veszprém (Hungary).


Konstantinos Ch. Loukopoulos was born in Eleusis (Elefsina) in 1965. He has got a BSc in Physics and a MSc in History and Philosophy of Science. His work (poems and short stories) have been published in lots of literary magazines, translated into English and included in anthologies. His texts that substantiated Aeschylia’s Festival performance of 2017, «Epitaph in Eleusis», were published together with the homonymous poetry collection. Epitafios en Elesini (Epitaph in Eleusis)– mikres ekdoseis 2018, Enastron 2020 (2nd edition), Oi Poleis ton Cheimona (Cities in Winter)– Enastron 2018, Enypnia Ta Metheortia (Dreams after the Feast)– Enastron 2020 are between his works along with the blog. (

Haris Karoutsos was born in Eleusis, Greece, and studied photography in Athens. After completing his studies in photography, he collaborated with various photography studios and publishing houses and created “Click at Crete – Phototours in Crete.”He has created photographic projects mainly focusing on people and the city. He has received distinctions in group exhibitions and has also presented his work in solo exhibitions. His photographs have been published in e-magazines and in printed photographic publications.He has collaborated as a freelance cameraman with major Greek TV stations in news and thematic news coverage, and in recent years he maintains partnerships with production companies in the coverage of TV artistic broadcasts. Today he works as a freelance photographer and videographer and he is a member of Eleusis Photography Club. (

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