Future Retreat


The second International Summer School is inviting young professionals and students of architecture, history and heritage protection, sociology and related fields to explore the historical significance, cultural identity, and development potential of ‘the retreat’.

Retreat always implies an interrelation of two spaces – one that we come from and one that we go to. In this year’s Summer School we are going to focus on this vital interrelationship through the context of the city of Kaunas and the resort town Kačerginė. Using these two sites as living laboratories, we will explore questions of identity, modernist heritage and cultural value and propose how the retreat might coexist with the city in the future. Can historic resort towns be a model for the future of the retreat in the twenty-first century and beyond?


During the Summer School participants will listen to introductory lectures and do heritage walks with teachers to discuss the natural and historical legacy of Kačerginė resort in the context of modern city of Kaunas. Further work will be done in groups analyzing selected case studies and providing ideas for architectural scenarios of Kačerginė. Afterwards the results will be presented to the public. Selection and Registration Individual participants will be selected on the basis of a motivation letter and their CV. Motivation letters and CV should be limited to 2 pages (A4) and submitted during the online registration before 13th of May 2019. The selection of the applicants will be done by the organizers and announced by 17th of May 2019.

Summer School fee

The fee is €150. The fee includes:

1.  Workshop material (except computer),
2.  Free access to lectures, visits and tours within the workshop,
3.  Certificate of participation,
4.  Accommodation and food.

Travel costs and tickets are not covered.

Place and dates

17–22 June 2019, Kaunas–Kačerginė

Contact persons

Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė:

Žilvinas Rinkšelis:


“Kaunas 2022”, “The Bartlett School of Architecture” (London, United Kingdom), “Office De Architectura” (Kaunas), KTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Kaunas), Architecture and Urbanism Research Centre (Kaunas)

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