Eleusis 2021 Candidate City for European Capital of Culture in collaboration with the Cultural Centre ARCUB and București 2021 presents for the first time in Greece the multimedia installation FEED ME of the Romanian artists Noper & Saint Machine. Attempting to broaden and deepen the cultural dialogue between the two Balkan countries that will host the title of the European Capital of Europe in 2021, we are presenting FEED ME project, an innovative large-scale installation, which has been hosted by the leading organization for arts and technology Ars Electronica last year. The installation will take place at the Cultural Center Leonidas Kanellopoulos in Eleusis from 11th September to 15th November and the opening will be held on Sunday 11th September at 8 p.m. The installation will take place with the support of TITAN group, as one of the main supporters of Eleusis 2021 for the title of European Capital of Culture for 2021.

FEED ME is a ludic experiment created in 2014 by Romanian artists SAINT MACHINE (Marilena Oprescu Singer) and NOPER (Radu Pop) and explores the relation between the artwork and its public. With a self-ironical approach, the project is calling the subjects of monstrous and perpetually insatiable Tra to her feeding ritual: the entire exhibition is a live organism that feeds on the energy produced by the movements of the public.

It is an interactive multimedia capsule that carries a dynamic platform where everything moves, pulses and reacts to motion on a common rhythm. The exhibition space is structured in narrowing concentric circles, creating several worlds that include each other and cocoon around a magical protection space, thus the public is activated on several levels. Once you immerse into “Womb of Tra”, real and virtual space overlap and you become a pawn playing, almost against your will, the game of alienation induced by repetitive routine actions.

FEED ME project creates a multidimensional space hungry to absorb your attention and use the force of your body. The “user” can enter the artwork and has access to its controlling mechanisms; the artwork becomes an extension of his/her hands and head, and the anonymous visitor is transformed into a creator, because only his/her energy gives a meaning to the entire exhibition.

Biography of the artists

SAINT MACHINE (Marilena Oprescu Singer, b.1979is a Romanian multimedia artist with curatorial background who studied literature as well as communication and art history before starting experimenting with juxtaposition of real and virtual space and playing with form and ideas. Her main projects are Feed Me (2014), AuthenticRomanian (2011), Playground for Animation (2009), Urban Art Festival (2007, 2008, 2009), ArtmixMousetrap(2005) and currently working on another interactive project called Cannibal.

NOPER is the illustrator and animator artist Radu Pop (b.1982). He graduated the National University of Arts in Bucharest where experimented and developed his inner visual world. His fresh weird artworks were featured in album such as Luerzers 200 Best World Wide Illustrators(2009-2010)and opened doors to collaborations with international galleries for projects such as Feed Me (2014), Cranium (2012), Bold (2010), As if by Magic (2010),Urban Art Festival(2007, 2008, 2009).


Kanellopoulos Arts Centre
37 Dragoumi str.,
19200 Eleusis

Duration: 11 September – 15 November
Opening: September 11, 20:00
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and 18:00 to 21:30

Free admission