ECoC’s Neighbours’ Day


ECoC’s Neighbours’ Day is performed and established for the second time as a citizens celebration meeting of former, current and future ECoCs. This celebration encourages the coexistence, the interaction and the exchange among European citizens on the basis of hospitality, cooperation and enlargement of European culture from the perspective of citizens.

We invite two Eleusinians, members of city associations, which will be selected after the lottery selection process to travel to Matera, Italy, ECoC 2019. From the 23 to the 25 May two people will have the opportunity to share the rich artistic programme of Matera 2019, feel the ECoC exciting atmosphere and share the unique experience of the Neighbours’ Day with other participants, hosts and guests, through participatory programmes.

Apply by May 5th, 2019, here.

With the intention of honouring the work and the contribution of active civil society of Eleusis operating with passion, responsibility and generosity in our town, we address an open call to Non-Profit Organisation members. The Matera invitation is aimed at people working on projects in their own local communities and have experience in participatory programmes. The open invitation is addressed to regional, athletic, volunteers, social interest and cultural organisations.


The Eleusinian participants will be accommodated in Matera host families. The hosts already participate on community culture programmes and events of Matera 2019. Through this hosting, participants have the unique opportunity to experience the lifestyle and the rhythms of everyday life of a house in Matera, Italy.

Which costs are covered?

The travel costs, the local transports in Italy, the accommodation and the meals of the participants will be covered.

From last year’s ECoC’s Neighbours’ Day in Leeuwarden (photo credit: Yannis Koukmas)