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A Marine Sacred Way will connect Piraeus with Elefsina, bringing to life historical events of the rich greek history, in collaboration with 2023 ELEVSIS


The pioneering idea of ​​the “Marine Sacred Way” refers to the construction of a new sea route, corresponding to the ancient overland Sacred Way, which will connect Piraeus with Elefsina by boat. Efforts are being made so that the Marine Sacred Way will be inaugurated by the trireme “OLYMPIAS”. During the voyage the passengers will have the opportunity to be informed about what happened in the areas they cross. Historical facts from the rich greek history, such as the naval battle of Salamis and the Elefsinian Mysteries, will be revealed during the sea voyage.

Τhe Marine Sacred Way is an initiative of Elefsina Port Authority S.A. in collaboration with 2023 ELEVSIS European Capital of Culture. The innovative idea of a marine tour aims to upgrade the port of Elefsina and promotes the cultural heritage of the city, under its declaration as European Capital of Culture for 2023.

The Marine Sacred Way will start from the city of Piraeus, will pass through the Strait of Salamis, where the historic naval battle took place, and will end in the historical city of Elefsina, connecting the archeological site of Elefsina with other archeological sites or places of historical interest (Piraeus, Keratsini-Drapetsona, Perama, Salamina, Chaidari, Aspropyrgos).

Contacts with the Navy General Staff have already begun, so that the Marine Sacred Way will be inaugurated by the emblematic trireme “OLYMPIAS”, which will attempt an impressive voyage from Piraeus to Elefsina. The “Marine Sacred Way”, and the actions that will be developed around it, were placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.